HUSD #3 Distance Learning Best Practices

Access to all your resources is simplified using G-Suite, via, Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts/Meet.

At home on a personal device or a chromebook you checked out, be sure to be logged into Google Chrome under your HUSD account:

Being logged into Chrome makes accessing all your Google services simple. Just access them through the grid menu in a new tab.

Install Google Drive on your home computer

Making Dynamic Content 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom can be accessed at by both teachers and students. Gets “materials in the home”

From the dashboard you see all classes you are teaching or enrolled in. Clicking on any class will show you all previous, current and upcoming assignments that have been posted. 

Please remember the limitations of bandwidth in homes. If you send video links remember that 2 to 5 minutes of content is best for those with limited data plans. 

All staff that intend to record instructional videos must first activate their HSUD YouTube Account. Account activation requires 24 hours, this must be done prior to posting any recordings.

Go to and login if you already haven’t. In the upper right click on the camera icon.

If you don’t have a webcam you can do this from your mobile device via the YouTube App.

Once you have your video recorded, set the visibility to “Unlisted,” this way only the students you send the link to can access it.

Hangouts and Meet

Given our need to communicate quickly and where an email might be too cumbersome you can use Hangouts to get a quick message to a colleague or student. 

You can access Hangouts in two ways; first go to 

Or directly inside Gmail

Not only does this give you the ability to instant message each other, but you can also call landlines.

Google Meet is a virtual meeting space that ties nicely into your calendar

Once a meeting is created a Meet is automatically created that all invitees can access. Up to 250 users can join a virtual meeting, and the organizer can record for later playback.

 We have created a page dedicated to getting students quickly to Google Classroom from home

PD - Get Certified!

Google Certifiec Educator

Microsoft Certified Educator


Morning Session

Afternoon Dession